Top Destinations to Go Sailing this Winter

So, the winter season has made its arrival. The warm days and all-day sunshine might be over, but that doesn't mean vacation has to be. Sunsail Yacht Ownership has plenty of worldwide bases to choose from, so the fun never has to end, regardless of the season. Discover some of the best sailing destinations to visit during the winter season, from the Caribbean to the Exotics to the Mediterranian.

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The Spice Island: Grenada

Grenada is one of the top-picked places in the Caribbean to visit in the winter. Grenada offers not only reliable sunshine but also consistent trade winds. Sunsail Yacht Ownership's base is located at St. George's harbor, one of the prettiest in the Caribbean. The island also has plenty of protected coves, which makes it a favorite amongst sailors. Even in the chilly months of January and February, Grenada stays within a lovely low to mid 80s temperature range. Bring on the tanning weather!


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The Whitsundays: An Unmatched playground for cruising

In the Exotics, Australia's summer months happen to fall between December - February. As they say, it's sunny and 75 somewhere! With Sunsail, you can use owner time at the Sunsail base on Hamilton Island in the famous Whitsundays, sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, making these waters a highly sought-after sailing desitnation. Owner's time is available at the end of the summer season in Australia, where average temperatures range from 65 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're looking for a day in the sunshine to warm away from your winter blues, look no further than a vacation in Australia this winter.Untitled design - 2021-12-22T130010.410

Seychelles: Mother Nature's Generous Gift

Seychelles is also a beautiful location in the Exotics to visit during the winter months. This is because the temperature does not range much throughout the year. In fact, the weather in December is quite warm and usually ranges between 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The ocean temperature also stays about 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. The Sunsail base is on the island of Mahe`, which is home to 86% of the country's population and is surrounded by more than 100 remote islands of the Indian Ocean island chain. Discover hypnotic beaches and abundant marine life in Seychelles. Nothing says, 'Happy Holidays' like a warm ocean breeze!

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Tahiti: Island Magic

Tahiti (French Polynesia) is also a good option for a vacation in the winter months. Sunsail's base is in Raiatea, at the heart of French Polynesia. Raiatea provides access to the famous cruising grounds of the South Pacific. Discover hidden waterfalls and relax in sheltered blue lagoons when you visit Tahiti. Though December - March in the US is considered winter, these months in the southern hemisphere are all sunshine and summertime. The average temperature ranges from the mid-70s to the high 80s. Because it's the off-season, you will find great pricing on flights, resorts, food and more! The water temperature is also the highest from January to April. A warm day is only a plane ticket away!


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Whether you're searching for island paradise or a break from the winter snow, Sunsail Yacht Ownership offers plenty of locations to visit if you're looking to warm up a bit this winter season. 



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