Inside the Comeback of the Moorings & Sunsail BVI Owner Flotilla

Welcome to the British Virgin Islands, the ultimate sailing hub of the world and the home of the largest charter base on the planet: The Moorings and Sunsail. After a five-year hiatus, the eagerly awaited Moorings and Sunsail Owner Flotilla has made its grand return. This thrilling event brought together 70 owners, both new and experienced, for five days of spectacular water adventures, providing the perfect setting to make new friends and share valuable tips and stories. Dive into our detailed day-by-day recap and experience the excitement firsthand!



Day 1: Kickoff Celebration and Neon Extravaganza at Loose Mongoose

Our journey began with a lively welcome reception at the pool bar, where participants enjoyed mimosas and mingled before setting sail for Trellis Bay. The famous Loose Mongoose hosted a dazzling Neon Night, with everyone dressed in their brightest outfits, ready for a fun-filled evening of musical bingo with Dab That Tune! The night was unforgettable, with dancing, singing, and prizes making it a perfect start to our adventure.


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Day 2: Thrilling Regatta, Cocktail Competitions & Happy Hour Fun

Ready, set, sail! With light winds and no motors, the owners showcased their sailing prowess on a short course around Great Dog. After the regatta, we headed to North Sound for a spirited cocktail competition and a relaxing happy hour, celebrating another fantastic day in this tropical paradise.


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Day 3: Fun and Games at Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar on White Bay, JVD

A sunny day on a sandy beach calls for some friendly competition! At Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar on White Bay, we organized relay races and a tug-of-war, filling the day with laughter and fun. Later, Christine Joseph’s Moorings and Sunsail Owner Trivia challenged everyone’s knowledge, adding a competitive edge to the day's activities.


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Day 4: Pirate and Mermaid Invasion at Norman Island

No visit to the British Virgin Islands is complete without a jump off the legendary Willy T’s at Norman Island! The excitement continued as Pirates and Mermaids took over Pirates Bight for a lively happy hour. We even held a contest to see who could best imitate Captain Jack Sparrow, with extra prizes for the most convincing performances.


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Day 5: Snorkeling at The Indians & Farewell Dinner at Peter Island

We began the day exploring the vibrant reef at The Indians, marveling at the diverse marine life. Our final stop was Ocean’s 7 on Peter Island, where we enjoyed dinghy races and a 70’s themed farewell dinner. The evening concluded with superlatives and dancing, creating unforgettable memories and leaving everyone eager for the next flotilla.


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 We are deeply grateful for the exceptional group of owners and friends who made the long-awaited return of The Moorings & Sunsail Owner Flotilla one to remember. These cherished memories will stay with us forever. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of our next adventure—join us and become part of this amazing community!

Zoe Bell

Marketing Coordinator for The Moorings, Sunsail and Leopard Catamarans