How Foxy's Became a World Premier Destination for New Year's Eve

I can’t believe the end of another decade is quickly approaching and I am constantly reminded just how fast time flies by.   I remember like it was yesterday; the 1999 hysteria the world was caught up in surrounding the uncertainty of what would happen when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000.   Would the entire world come to a standstill because some un-thought of computer glitch would trigger Armageddon…or worse! 

Millennium Revisited 

The popular travel magazine Conde Nast couldn’t be bothered.  They ran an entertaining article about “THE” place to be when you welcomed in 2000.

1. Time Square, New York City

2. Trafalgar Square, London 

3. Trocadéro view of Eiffel Tower, Paris

4. The Opera House, Sydney Harbour

And ...

5. Foxy's, Jost Van Dkye, BVI

Flash back to December 31, 1999 and you could almost walk from West End Tortola to Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke jumping from boat to boat. Conde Nast wasn’t wrong-- it was the place to be!

Into the future

Twenty years later, this party has only gotten bigger.  Dubbed “Foxy’s Old Year’s Night” celebration, she is the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the Caribbean and definitely a “bucket list” type experience.

Sweet Deal

We think everyone should have a chance to tick this off that bucket list, so the Sunsail Yacht Ownership Program is sweetening the pot with some additional ownership bonuses.  Not only will you get a great deal on one of these new yachts, but Sunsail will also help you get there!

To learn more about how you can spend New Years on YOUR yacht in the BVI click the button below.

See you at Foxy’s!


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