Signs that you should invest in a Yacht Ownership Program


Yacht chartering—once you have experienced it you know that there is no other vacation that compares to it. Island hopping your way wherever the wind might take you, swaying to the sounds of the palm trees blowing as you sip a dark n’ stormy, discovering untouched anchorages, paddle boarding to a remote cave for a quick snorkel, the list goes on. Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I consider owning a charter yacht?” or “What are the benefits of a Yacht Ownership Program?” If those questions have crossed your mind, then continue reading to discover what signs indicate that a Yacht Ownership Program might be for you.


1. You are considering a live aboard lifestyle.

Are you intrigued by the cruising lifestyle? If you have ever considered becoming a fulltime cruiser, but are not ready to take that leap—Sunsail Yacht Ownership is the perfect solution. With plenty sailing time each year you can spend weeks at a time on the water. Get a glimpse into the lifestyle while getting paid, and decide if it is for you. If cruising is for you, at the end of your time as a Sunsail Yacht Owner you will be a seasoned sailor and your boat will be yours for keeps. Or, perhaps you may love the part-time cruising lifestyle so much that you trade your yacht in for a new Sunsail Yacht and start the program over again. 

2. You charter multiple times a year

Are you an avid charterer who frequents trips with friends? Do you and your family dream of sailing the Mediterranean every summer and the Grenadines every winter? If you spend more than two weeks out of the year chartering a boat, then our Yacht Ownership Program might be for you. Invest in something to call your own all while receiving a guaranteed monthly payment that, annually, amounts to 9% (or 8%, depending on the location of your yacht) of the cost that you pay for the yacht. Additionally, during your time in the program, you will receive ample weeks of sailing each year and pay no operating costs. 

3. You want to discover new sailing destinations

As a Sunsail Yacht Owner, not only can you sail on the comfort of your own yacht, but you can also access sisterships at destinations worldwide. Sunsail provides you the ability to enhance your skills by sailing and discovering unique destinations. We have a team of local experts at all of our worldwide sailing destinations to ensure that you have a warm welcome upon arrival, and a thorough chart briefing for when you are discovering new sailing opportunities. 


4. You want to become a more experienced sailor

 What better way to become a top-notch sailor than to spend more time on the water? When you own with Sunsail, you can make the most of your time and gain experience. Sail open passages and spend weeks on the water. Sail the Windward Islands and then sail to Leeward Islands. If you want to sail different sized yachts and different types of yacht, you have the freedom to do so*. If you want to brush up on your skills, or build a bigger résumé, you can use your owner’s time to take any of the sailing courses that we offer. Let us help you achieve your sailing goals. 


5. You want to own a yacht, but you don’t want the hardship that comes with it

This is a telltale sign that you need to join our Yacht Ownership Program. It is the most cost effective way to own the yacht of your dreams and enjoy time on the water, without worrying about the hassles and expenses of traditional ownership. Sunsail has been in the game since 1974 and our reputation precedes us. We know how important your investment is. Our promise is simple, as a Sunsail Yacht Owner you will never pay a penny for insurance, dockage or maintenance.  Additionally, our team of experts are here to ensure that every last detail is looked after. Experience intelligent yacht ownership with Sunsail


6. You want to make an investment that is worthwhile

When you invest in a Yacht Ownership Program, you are investing in more than just a boat. You are investing in a lifestyle. You are investing in time well spent with family and friends. You are investing in memories to last a lifetime. You are investing in the future. Our Yacht Ownership Program affords you the opportunity to sail around the world, all while receiving a monthly revenue check that is guaranteed to offset the cost of the payment of your yacht**, meaning that we pay you to sail. If that’s not a worthwhile investment, we don’t know what is!


If you can relate to any of the signs listed above, then Yacht Ownership might be for you. Click the button below and select the yacht of your choice to fill out our Pro Forma tool to discover the program that pays to own.


 Pro Forma Tool


*Owner will pay a fee for upgrades

** Based on 20% or 25% down payment

Katie Campbell

As a Marketing Manager for yacht sales, I have found my passion in promoting the catamaran cruising lifestyle. With a love for sailing and a deep understanding of the industry, I am committed to helping others discover the freedom and adventure of life on the water.