Sunsail and The Moorings: Setting the Record Straight

Have you ever wanted to know more about the relationship between Sunsail and The Moorings? In this post, we will explain to you exactly how the two brands are related.

It is a question that we answer often: "What is the difference between Sunsail and The Moorings?". One of the most common misconceptions about the Sunsail brand is that the Sunsail fleet is equipped with charter boats that were once in The Moorings fleet. Or that Sunsail's fleet is equipped yachts that are older than the yachts in The Moorings fleet.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain why this is not true. 


The history of sunsail and the moorings

The two biggest names in the Yacht Chartering Industry have always been Sunsail and The Moorings. And for years they were in serious competition with one another. But what always remained consistent was that these two brands were always on top. That was until 2005, when The Moorings was scooped up by First Choice Holidays-- a London based company that owned Sunsail. At this time, Sunsail and The Moorings became sister companies. Both brands appealing to different audiences created the ultimate way for anyone, anywhere to have their perfect sailing holiday.


Are the boats different?

Yes and no. All yachts sold into the Sunsail fleet are new vessels. This is the same for The Moorings charter fleet too. This means that if you own a yacht with Sunsail, it will be a new yacht. A Sunsail Yacht will stay in the charter fleet for 5 to 6 seasons, depending on the location, before the yacht is phased out. Sunsail currently offers a variety of yachts that you can own, including Lagoon Catamarans, something that is not available through The Moorings.

The boats in each charter fleet may have slightly different specifications, but for the most part, what you can own with The Moorings, you can own a similar sister ship with Sunsail. And, in fact, Sunsail Owners have access to charter sister ships of similar size and age in The Moorings charter fleet and vice-versa. 


Why two brands?

Each brand has its own unique identity and each brand appeals to a specific type of sailor. Sunsailors enjoy bareboat chartering, expanding their knowledge of sailing, and joining flotillas. Flotilla vacations offer a fun, relaxed and unique experience across stunning sailing grounds in the BVIGreece, and Croatia. It is a fun way for owners and charter guests to meet new people, have new experiences, and discover new islands in paradise. Sunsail Owners also have the opportunity to use their owner's time (owner points) to take sailing courses through ASA and RYA sailing schools at our bases in Greece, Croatia and the BVI.

The Moorings offers the Crewed Yacht experience, in addition to power catamaran ownership and charter opportunities. 


Why sunsail?

With over 40 years of experience in selling yachts and creating vacations, we are passionate about sailing. 

Sunsail has unrivaled financial strength and is, by far, the most financially secure charter company in the world (along with sister company, The Moorings). 




Katie Campbell

As a Marketing Manager for yacht sales, I have found my passion in promoting the catamaran cruising lifestyle. With a love for sailing and a deep understanding of the industry, I am committed to helping others discover the freedom and adventure of life on the water.